Hand-made, old-school, real, in-your-face metal that will for sure make your head bang until the neck snaps. That´s HATESPHERE!

Let´s face it. The technological progress most certainly didn´t stop in front of the modern days music market. Nowadays artists and bands literally can write, record and release their music out off their own bedrooms, which by consequence means more and more bands being out there and yes, competing with each other. This being said, it´s without a doubt a great success for a band to have stayed on top of the game for almost two decades without having disowned its musical roots and values. And this is what HateSphere stand for – still being the tough to the bone Danish Dukes of Thrash- and Death Metal!

Formed in Aarhus, Denmark by guitarist Peter “Pepe” Hansen in 2000, HateSphere is one of a handful of bands reigniting the flame of ’80s speed metal by way of the so-called Scandinavian neo-thrash movement (spearheaded by the likes of Arch Enemy and The Haunted). The band quickly overpowered the Danish metal scene, while concurrently setting an immeasurable new standard for thrash metal domestically and abroad.

HateSphere’s first three albums, all of them under the leadership of the Italian metal label Scarlet Records upgraded the band’s status from local sensation to Europe’s hottest up and coming thrash quintet. Having released six more highly praised sophomore albums via SPV Records, Napalm Records and Massacre Records in the following years and having been able to support those musical jewelries by numerous successful tours throughout Europe, Japan, China and the U.S., plus having gathered a number of musical nominations, HateSphere undeniably did manage to make a stand for themselves within the international metal scene. Even though the band has been undergoing several changes within their line-up over the years, it never stopped them – but quite the contrary motivated them even more to progress both musically and personally. Not surprisingly this constant and hard work is what encouraged pioneer bands like Hypocrisy, Crowbar, Soilwork, Chimaira, The Black Dahlia Murder and Gojira to decide to hit the roads with HateSphere and bring their energetic live performances to those stage we all love together.

To honour the band´s sights on old-school values and the roots that got them started 18 years ago and by this to also close the circle of a successful and productive business relationship, HateSphere and Scarlet Records decided to join forces together again for the band´s 10th full-length studio album, out October 19th 2018. Just like Tue Madsen being an inextricable part of the band´s team since 2005 this new ear catcher is being recorded at Antfarm Studio again.

With “Reduced To Flesh” the quintett managed to write an album, which not only transmits the unified character of the band and the progress they have made, but also wrinkles out each band member´s unique skills. The haunting and powerful vocals perfectly match the angry and startling lyrics. The fast pasting and technically enhanced guitar riffs and soli are almost soothingly backed up by groovy bass rhythms. The hard-hitting and thrashy drums provide a steady back bone. And the overall doomy character and dark atmosphere of the album is greatly supported by intriguing metal orchestrations by Jon Phibbs.

In support of the release of “Reduced To Flesh”, HateSphere will be going on tour together with ‘supergroup’ SINSAENUM in September and October 2018, followed by touring with DECAPITATED through the Balkan in November 2018.